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Nat­hal® — One of the most effec­tive, exis­ting men­tal trai­ning methods for posi­ti­ve life chan­ge

Nathal® — Changing your life positively!


Pro­blems in ever­y­day life pro­fes­sio­nal­ly or pri­va­te­ly? Or do you lack joie de viv­re, ener­gy or the right idea at the right time? Are you loo­king for the mea­ning of your exis­tence or want to learn more about the deep mea­ning of being?

The Nat­hal® method helps you to over­co­me your pro­blems, leads you to com­ple­te­ly new uni­que insights and thus gives you a tool to chan­ge your life in a posi­ti­ve way. NATHAL® leads to more joie de viv­re, inner balan­ce, inde­pen­dence and tole­ran­ce. The pro­cess the prac­ti­tio­ner under­goes is high­ly indi­vi­du­al.

Com­ple­te­ly new insights in all are­as of life (pro­fes­sio­nal and pri­va­te) are pos­si­ble and can be imple­men­ted direc­t­ly in ever­y­day life. The easy-to-learn method increa­ses emo­tio­nal and spi­ri­tu­al intel­li­gence and opens up access to increa­sed intui­ti­on, crea­ti­vi­ty and inno­va­ti­on. Blo­cka­ges, fears, out­da­ted thought and beha­vi­or pat­terns are reco­gni­zed and sol­ved.

We show you how to do it and thus pave your way to a more ful­fil­ling life. Each par­ti­ci­pant is trai­ned on the basis of his or her per­so­nal level of deve­lop­ment, taking into account all con­scious and uncon­scious per­so­nal objec­tives and ethi­cal pre­re­qui­si­tes.

By lear­ning the Nat­hal® method, new syn­ap­tic con­nec­tions are crea­ted in the brain. Gra­dual­ly, pre­vious­ly untap­ped abi­li­ties and talents and the ent­i­re men­tal poten­ti­al of the human being are activa­ted.

Über Nathal®


Edel­gard Chris­ti­na Bau­mann

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