July 07, 2019, ecb – What about lea­ding a new wave of inno­va­ti­on to boast tech­no­lo­gi­cal edge for your com­pa­ny or open up new mar­kets? Are you may­be stuck in a new deve­lop­ment or are you facing ano­t­her see­min­gly unsolva­ble pro­blem? Then ECB Nat­hal® Coa­ching is the right choice for you, becau­se Nat­hal® enab­les inge­nious ide­as.

Nat­hal® is one of the most effec­tive exis­ting men­tal trai­ning methods in which new insights are gai­ned and made avail­ab­le through access to hig­her realms of con­scious­ness. The Nat­hal® method increa­ses men­tal power and thin­king skills in a short time, takes intui­ti­on out of rand­om­ness and enab­les tar­ge­ted infor­ma­ti­on retrie­val.

Intui­ti­ve inspi­ra­ti­ons have always been the foun­da­ti­on of many spec­ta­cu­lar inven­ti­ons, inclu­ding Apple’s iPho­ne and iCloud. Ste­ve Jobs, co-foun­der and long-time CEO of Apple, revo­lu­tio­ni­zed glo­bal communication/networking over­night. In a famous speech at Uni­ver­si­ty of Stan­ford Jobs appealed: “Don’t be trap­ped by dog­ma — which is living with the results of other people’s thin­king. Don’t let the noi­se of others’ opi­ni­ons drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the cou­ra­ge to fol­low your heart and intui­ti­on. Ever­ything else is secon­da­ry.”

The Nat­hal® method for per­so­na­li­ty deve­lop­ment enab­les pro­blem solu­ti­ons of all kinds. It leads to inge­nious ide­as, per­for­mance maxi­mi­za­ti­on, crea­ti­vi­ty, con­cen­tra­ti­on, moti­va­ti­on, neu­tra­li­ty and solu­ti­on of out­da­ted thin­king models. The effec­tiveness of the sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly based Nat­hal® trai­ning was pro­ven by mea­su­rements with the EEG spec­tral ana­ly­sis. Lear­ning the Nat­hal® method crea­tes new syn­ap­tic con­nec­tions and new syn­ap­ses in the brain. Both hal­ves of the brain work syn­chro­nous­ly as a result. Brain waves and fre­quen­ci­es, which are nor­mal­ly assi­gned to dif­fe­rent sta­tes of con­scious­ness, occur simul­ta­ne­ous­ly and the limits of the mind are suc­ces­si­ve­ly excee­ded.

The effec­tiveness and effi­ci­en­cy of the Nat­hal® method has been expe­ri­en­ced over the last 40 years in Ger­ma­ny and world­wi­de by thousands of par­ti­ci­pants from indus­try, rese­arch and deve­lop­ment, poli­tics, medi­ci­ne, art, etc. It has been pro­ven that various inno­va­ti­ve ide­as were con­vey­ed during the Nat­hal exer­ci­ses and sub­se­quent­ly put into prac­tice.

With our Nat­hal® Pro busi­ness pro­gram, we offer com­pa­nies and mana­gers trai­ning pro­grams that are indi­vi­dual­ly tailo­red to their needs and can be con­duc­ted in both group and indi­vi­du­al trai­ning cour­ses in Ger­man or Eng­lish. I would be plea­sed to give you fur­ther inform about our Nat­hal® coa­ching pro­gram for you or your com­pa­ny and I’d be very plea­sed about a con­tact by tele­pho­ne or e‑mail.

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Edel­gard Chris­ti­na Bau­mann

Nathal® aktiviert unser geistiges Potential