Sin­ce the 80s, nume­rous publi­ca­ti­ons have repor­ted on the ama­zing effec­ts of the NATHAL® method.

Lite­ra­tu­re Recom­men­da­ti­on

Richard Mat­heis (foun­der of the MMI — mar­ke­ting manage­ment insti­tu­te in Frank­furt) dedi­ca­ted an exten­si­ve chap­ter to the Nat­hal® method in its book Lea­dership Revo­lu­ti­on” — depar­tu­re to the world point with new thin­king, published by FAZ/Gabler Ver­lag.

With his book, Mat­heis addres­ses “entre­pre­neurs and exe­cu­ti­ves – all tho­se who bear respon­si­bi­li­ty for the future of our eco­no­my”. In Lea­dership Revo­lu­ti­on, the aut­hor exp­lains that the cen­tral cau­ses of the cri­sis lie in a local and glo­bal, eco­no­mic and poli­ti­cal lea­dership defi­cit. A para­digm shift is necessa­ry and has alrea­dy begun. Con­ven­tio­nal mea­su­res could no lon­ger bring impro­ve­ments in the lon­ger term. Rethin­king is cal­led for. A pre­re­qui­si­te for long-term suc­cess is the wil­ling­ness to throw one’s own men­tal models over­board if necessa­ry. In the future “mate­ri­al suc­cess will build more than ever on men­tal strength. Reflec­ting and pos­si­b­ly chan­ging the men­tal self-image means lea­ving the self-built men­tal cage that limits one’s own abi­li­ties.” The result is “a signi­fi­cant increa­se in the effi­ci­en­cy of entre­pre­neu­ri­al activi­ty – real quan­tum leaps.”


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