Janu­a­ry 08, 2020, ecb – Who wouldn’t like to have bril­li­ant ide­as like Ste­ve Jobs (Apple iPho­ne), Albert Ein­stein (Theo­ry of Rela­ti­vi­ty) or the Rus­si­an Men­de­leev, who drea­med up the perio­dic table? Count­less inven­tors, mathe­ma­ti­ci­ans, poets, thin­kers and others who chan­ged or enri­ched our world over­night with their inge­nious ide­as repor­ted that the idea hit them out of the blue, often in a dream. They woke up in the morning and the con­cept or inven­ti­on or com­po­si­ti­on was right in front of them.

And what is even more fasci­na­ting is the fact that nume­rous bre­akth­roughs in tech­no­lo­gy and sci­ence came simul­ta­ne­ous­ly from dif­fe­rent sci­en­tists. To give just a few examp­les: the tele­pho­ne around 1876 (Bell and Gray), perio­dic table around 1869 (the Rus­si­an Men­de­leev and the Ger­man Mey­er) and also tech­ni­cal solu­ti­ons for the three-pha­se alter­na­ting cur­rent around 1890 (the Croa­ti­an Niko­la Tes­la, the Ger­man-Rus­si­an Micha­el von Doli­vo-Dobro­wol­ski, the Swiss Charles Brown and Jonas Wen­ström from Swe­den).

One can exp­lain the phe­no­me­non by the fact that “things were in the air” and that the­se peop­le were able to gain access to the cos­mic con­scious­ness, becau­se their brains were attu­n­ed to the cor­re­spon­ding vibra­ti­ons and ener­gy fields, simi­lar to radio fre­quen­ci­es. If the recei­ver is set to the respec­tive trans­mis­si­on fre­quen­cy, it can recei­ve and decrypt the infor­ma­ti­on.

Of cour­se, this does not only app­ly to the pro­fes­sio­nal area. When dealing with part­ners, fami­ly, fri­ends and col­leagues, human coexis­tence is often dis­tur­bed. Why is that, how can I opti­mi­ze my rela­ti­ons­hips? Help is also pos­si­ble here at any time. The ent­i­re know­ledge of the cos­mos is avail­ab­le around us. We just have to learn to ener­ge­ti­cal­ly adjust our brain fre­quen­cy to the­se vibra­ti­ons.

In just 10 ses­si­ons over five days, you will learn the basics of the Nat­hal® metho­do­lo­gy in our inten­si­ve cour­se and gain access to hig­her levels of know­ledge. After that, you can prac­tice the method on your own. In our fur­ther advan­ced and spe­cial semi­nars, inte­rested par­ties can con­ti­nuous­ly expand their new intel­lec­tu­al talents.

Deve­lop your mind and sign up for the Nat­hal® Inten­si­ve Cour­se at ECB Nat­hal® Coa­ching in Kaarst near Dus­sel­dorf .

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