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Legal Dis­c­lai­mer

ECB Nat­hal Coa­ching pro­vi­des for a con­ti­nuous update of the con­tents on this web­site. Despi­te all due care, some data may no lon­ger be up to date. A lia­bi­li­ty or gua­ran­tee for the time­li­ness, accu­ra­cy and com­ple­teness of the infor­ma­ti­on made avail­ab­le can the­re­fo­re not be assu­med. Fur­ther­mo­re, we reser­ve the right to make chan­ges or addi­ti­ons to the infor­ma­ti­on pro­vi­ded at any time. This dis­c­lai­mer also app­lies to other web­sites to which refe­rence is made by means of a so-cal­led hyper­link. Here app­lies: ECB Nat­hal Coa­ching is not respon­si­ble for the con­tents of the web pages, which are reached due to such a con­nec­tion.


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Liability Note

Con­tents oft the online offer

The pro­vi­der of the­se Inter­net pages has com­pi­led the con­tent with the grea­test pos­si­ble care. A gua­ran­tee for the topi­ca­li­ty, cor­rec­t­ness, com­ple­teness or qua­li­ty of the pro­vi­ded infor­ma­ti­on can­not be taken over nevertheless. Lia­bi­li­ty claims against the pro­vi­der rela­ting to mate­ri­al or imma­te­ri­al dama­ge cau­sed by the use or non-use of the infor­ma­ti­on pro­vi­ded or by the use of incor­rect or incom­ple­te infor­ma­ti­on are exclu­ded, unless the­re is evi­dence of wil­ful intent or gross negli­gence.
All offers are sub­ject to con­fir­ma­ti­on and non-bin­ding. The pro­vi­der of the­se Inter­net pages express­ly reser­ves the right to chan­ge, sup­ple­ment or dele­te parts of the pages or the ent­i­re offer wit­hout pri­or noti­ce or to tem­pora­ri­ly or per­man­ent­ly cea­se publi­ca­ti­on.

Refe­ren­ces and Links

The pro­vi­der is not respon­si­ble for any con­tents lin­ked or refer­red to from his pages — unless he has full know­ledge of ille­gal con­tents and would be able to pre­vent the visi­tors of his site from viewing tho­se pages.

The pro­vi­der her­e­by express­ly decla­res that at the time the links were crea­ted, no ille­gal con­tent was dis­cer­ni­ble on the lin­ked pages. The pro­vi­der has no influ­ence whatsoever on the cur­rent and future design, con­tent or aut­hor­ship of the lin­ked pages. The­re­fo­re he dis­so­cia­tes him­s­elf her­e­by express­ly from all con­tents of all linked/connected sides, which were chan­ged after the link set­ting. This state­ment app­lies to all links and refe­ren­ces set wit­hin the own Inter­net offer as well as to exter­nal ent­ries of guest books, dis­cus­sion forums and mai­ling lists. For ille­gal, incor­rect or incom­ple­te con­tents and in par­ti­cu­lar for damages ari­sing from the use or non-use of such infor­ma­ti­on, the pro­vi­der of the page to which refe­rence is made is sole­ly liable, not the par­ty who merely refers to the respec­tive publi­ca­ti­on via links.

Copy­right and label­ling law

The pro­vi­der of this web­site endea­vours to obser­ve the copy­rights of the gra­phics, sound docu­ments, video sequen­ces and texts used in all publi­ca­ti­ons, to use gra­phics, sound docu­ments, video sequen­ces and texts crea­ted by him­s­elf or to make use of licence-free gra­phics, sound docu­ments, video sequen­ces and texts.

All brands and trade­marks men­tio­ned wit­hin the Inter­net offer and pos­si­b­ly pro­tec­ted by third par­ties are sub­ject wit­hout restric­tion to the pro­vi­si­ons of the app­li­ca­ble trade­mark law and the ownership rights of the respec­tive regis­te­red owners. The mere fact that a trade­mark is men­tio­ned should not lead to the con­clu­si­on that it is not pro­tec­ted by the rights of third par­ties!

The copy­right for published objec­ts crea­ted by the pro­vi­der him­s­elf remains sole­ly with the aut­hor of the pages. Any dupli­ca­ti­on or use of objec­ts such as dia­grams, sounds or texts in other elec­tro­nic or prin­ted publi­ca­ti­ons is not per­mit­ted wit­hout the author’s agree­ment.