Leaps in time

Advan­ced Semi­nar F5

Leaps in time: Transfers into the past and the future


Every human being can put him­s­elf pure­ly intel­lec­tual­ly into his remem­be­red past or his assu­med future. Howe­ver, with the NATHAL® exer­ci­ses taught in this semi­nar, the trans­fer inclu­des the ent­i­re emo­tio­nal body and allows com­ple­te­ly new expe­ri­en­ces.

A trans­fer to the past enab­les a detail­ed reli­ve of a past day. It makes it pos­si­ble to remem­ber fee­lings and con­nec­tions that were not con­scious­ly regis­te­red at the time, or that were for­got­ten. One under­stands why one beha­ved in a cer­tain way back then, and not dif­fer­ent­ly. Important lear­ning effec­ts can be deri­ved retro­s­pec­tively from past expe­ri­ence and the cur­rent cour­se of action can be bet­ter unders­tood and opti­mi­zed.

In con­trast to the pre­vious exer­ci­ses on the pro­fes­sio­nal future etc., the emo­tio­nal trans­fer into the distant future (up to 20 years in the future) is about inte­gra­ting posi­ti­ve expe­ri­en­ces from the future on the level of phy­si­cal fee­ling. It ser­ves as moti­va­ti­on for a deve­lop­ment that will still take place. By expe­ri­en­cing future hap­py sta­tes of life, one gets a posi­ti­ve view of one’s own fate and can alrea­dy be hap­py today about whe­re one will be one day.

Semi­nar fee: EUR 840 (semi­nar dura­ti­on: 4 days)


The Advan­ced Semi­nars F5 and F6 each last 4 days and are held in a block of 8 days.

Note: Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in an inten­si­ve cour­se is a pre­re­qui­si­te for atten­ding all advan­ced cour­ses and/or spe­cial semi­nars.

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