Increase in absorption capacity due to thermal

Advan­ced Semi­nar F4

Thermals: Heat, cold and new sensations


We know that our body can regu­la­te its tem­pe­ra­tu­re. Howe­ver, it is lar­ge­ly unknown that this pro­cess can be inten­tio­nal­ly con­trol­led and enab­les novel emo­tio­nal sta­tes.

The NATHAL® ther­mal exer­ci­ses have the aim of crea­ting a hig­her recep­ti­vi­ty for infor­ma­ti­on, ener­gies and fee­lings. Hig­her tem­pe­ra­tures in cer­tain regi­ons of the body, for examp­le, makes it pos­si­ble to per­cei­ve fas­ter pro­ces­ses. Cold, on the other hand, makes it pos­si­ble to dose fee­lings and “endu­re” tre­at­ments that one would other­wi­se reject or that would other­wi­se be too inten­se. As in all NATHAL® exer­ci­ses, this is natu­ral­ly done for the pur­po­se of per­so­nal deve­lop­ment and infor­ma­ti­on trans­fer.

For examp­le, a par­ti­ci­pant may have a lear­ning blo­cka­de in the field of mathe­ma­tics becau­se he intern­al­ly rejec­ts the topics. Howe­ver, through the dosed cold he comes into a sta­te that distan­ces him from his nega­ti­ve fee­lings, so that he can look at them with com­po­sure. This enab­les him to iden­ti­fy and resol­ve the cau­se of his blo­cka­ge. So, you liter­al­ly stay “cool” even with dif­fi­cult topics.

The semi­nar pro­gram is roun­ded off by exer­ci­ses in which the recep­ti­vi­ty new­ly lear­ned by the ther­mal sen­sa­ti­ons is app­lied. The par­ti­ci­pant learns to empa­thi­ze with peop­le from other cul­tures and can be trea­ted by strong cos­mic ener­gies.

Semi­nar fee: EUR 840 (semi­nar dura­ti­on: 4 days)


The Advan­ced Semi­nars F3 and F4 each last 4 days and are held in a block of 8 days.

Note: Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in an inten­si­ve cour­se is a pre­re­qui­si­te for atten­ding all advan­ced cour­ses and/or spe­cial semi­nars.

Neue Farben Musik Töne und Gefuehle (F3)


Edel­gard Chris­ti­na Bau­mann

Zeitsprünge (F5)