The Nathal® Method

Nat­hal® is a trai­ning method for rai­sing a hig­her level of con­scious­ness deve­lo­ped by Dr. Gert­je Lathan alrea­dy at the begin­ning of the 1980s.

The pathway to genius


The ent­i­re trai­ning is based on a pro­gres­si­ve­ly expan­ded under­stan­ding with increa­sing effec­tiveness. During the app­li­ca­ti­on of the NATHAL® method, our brain is enab­led to grasp new insights in con­cre­te terms and, even more import­ant­ly, to imple­ment them prag­ma­ti­cal­ly in ever­y­day life. The pos­si­bi­li­ties are unli­mi­ted.


  • NATHAL® frees you from old pat­terns, makes you inde­pen­dent, leads to desi­ra­ble inde­pen­dence.
  • NATHAL® par­ti­ci­pants expe­ri­ence and will know about their per­so­nal goals in life, even so, what to do and how to achie­ve them.
  • The lear­ning of indi­vi­du­al abilities/skills makes it pos­si­ble to put oneself into any situa­ti­on, per­son or mat­ter, to think into it and to feel into it.
  • Extre­me­ly long sine waves are pro­du­ced, which trans­port infor­ma­ti­on. They can be seen as a kind of light. The sta­te chan­ges from beta to the­ta and del­ta waves, plus sine waves that appe­ar regu­lar and even.
  • One learns a num­ber of skills which can also be prac­ticed at home or else­whe­re.

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