May 10, 2019, ecb — The Kabel1 Doku TV docu­men­ta­ry series “Anci­ent Ali­ens” from May 07, 2019 addres­sed the the­me of “con­nec­ting fre­quen­ci­es”. Among other things it was about the pro­of of cos­mic fre­quen­ci­es.

It is gene­ral­ly known that colors and tones have their own fre­quen­ci­es. Less well known might be the fact that the Greek mathe­ma­ti­ci­an and phi­lo­so­pher Pytha­go­ras mathe­ma­ti­cal­ly cal­cu­la­ted the pro­por­tio­nal distan­ces of tones alrea­dy in the 6th cen­tu­ry BC. The TV pro­gram repor­ted that Pytha­go­ras tra­vel­led to Egypt in 535 BC and stu­di­ed secret know­ledge and eso­te­ric prac­tices of the priest­hood for six years. The know­ledge gai­ned the­re also led him to the pre­su­med pro­por­tio­nal distan­ces bet­ween the tones.

In his sub­se­quent cal­cu­la­ti­ons Pytha­go­ras com­bi­ned mathe­ma­tics and geo­me­try with music and beca­me the “father of the wes­tern music sca­le”. His dis­co­ve­ries regar­ding sound and music con­clu­ded that the ent­i­re uni­ver­se was sub­ject to con­stant vibra­ti­on. Pytha­go­ras saw the uni­ver­se as a har­mo­nious who­le and attri­bu­t­ed a uni­que fre­quen­cy to each pla­net. He cal­led the over­all sound pic­tu­re the music of the sphe­res.

The rese­ar­chers exp­lai­ned: “If you look at the pla­nets in our solar sys­tem and in the uni­ver­se, you can obser­ve spe­ci­fic fre­quen­ci­es for all radia­ti­ons. The­se can be con­ver­ted into hig­her signals. So, every pla­net sounds uni­que. Mean­while NASA has been able to assign a sound to every pla­net in our solar sys­tem.”

Fur­ther: “In the second half of the 20th cen­tu­ry, quan­tum phy­si­cists deve­lo­ped a new model for the struc­tu­re of the uni­ver­se — the “string theo­ry”. It is based on the fact that the uni­ver­se con­sists of vibra­ting ener­gy strands. A con­cept simi­lar to that deve­lo­ped by Pytha­go­ras in the 6th cen­tu­ry BC.”

An increa­sed per­cep­ti­on and pro­ces­sing of colors and tones is the focus of the Nat­hal® Advan­ced Semi­nar F3. The spe­cial semi­nar tuto­ri­als on con­scious­ness deve­lop­ment initi­al­ly put the par­ti­ci­pant in a bet­ter sta­te of absorp­ti­on by syn­chro­ni­zing the right and left hemi­s­phe­res of the brain. Through the emo­tio­nal adjust­ment to colors and tones and their fre­quen­ci­es, the abi­li­ty of spon­ta­ne­ous acqui­si­ti­on is set in moti­on. As a result, more com­plex rela­ti­ons­hips can be intui­tively gras­ped in the future. This leads both to the acqui­si­ti­on of new know­ledge and to pro­found emo­tio­nal healings that could never have been achie­ved with ana­ly­sis and intel­lec­tu­al con­tem­pla­ti­on. More

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