Increased concentration and retentiveness

Cap­tu­ring infor­ma­ti­on with ease and joy

Increase of awareness, attention, concentration and memory as well as improved stress management


In this semi­nar you will be trai­ned to retrie­ve as much infor­ma­ti­on as pos­si­ble and to remem­ber which sen­sa­ti­ons and emo­tio­nal aspec­ts take place intern­al­ly. The par­ti­ci­pant should reco­gni­ze how cer­tain fee­lings, e. g. rejec­tions, hin­der memo­ry. This is worked out, reco­gni­zed and trea­ted.

In fur­ther exer­ci­ses, a grea­ter amount of infor­ma­ti­on details must be retrie­ved wit­hout losing the over­view. The goal is to learn “to grasp infor­ma­ti­on with joy and ease” regard­less of whe­ther one eva­lua­tes the sub­ject its­elf posi­tively or not.

Neit­her rejec­tion nor pre­fe­rence may inter­fe­re with the record­ing of infor­ma­ti­on. A hig­her poten­ti­al of memo­ry and con­cen­tra­ti­on is to be increa­sed, wit­hout wea­ke­n­ing the qua­li­ty.

Semi­nar fee: EUR 1,380 (semi­nar dura­ti­on: 5 days)


Note: Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in an inten­si­ve cour­se is a pre­re­qui­si­te for atten­ding all advan­ced cour­ses and/or spe­cial semi­nars.

Burn Out


Edel­gard Chris­ti­na Bau­mann

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