Advanced Seminars

Deepe­ning of the lear­ned through expan­si­on of con­scious­ness


The Advan­ced Semi­nars deepen what has been lear­ned in the inten­si­ve cour­se, pro­gres­si­ve­ly increa­se the expan­si­on of con­scious­ness and gra­dual­ly lead to increa­singly com­plex inner per­cep­ti­ons.

The increa­se in men­tal abi­li­ties enab­les new insights which have a posi­ti­ve effect on one’s own life situa­ti­on (pri­va­te and pro­fes­sio­nal). The con­se­quen­ces are pro­blem sol­ving, maxi­mi­zing know­ledge and per­for­mance, increa­sing the abi­li­ty to think and, last but not least, dis­en­ga­ge­ment from out­da­ted thought models and beha­vio­ral pat­terns that hin­der our deve­lop­ment.

Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F1*
Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F2*
Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F3*
Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F4*
Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F5*
Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F6*
Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F7**
Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F8**
Advan­ced trai­ning cour­se F9**

* The Advan­ced Semi­nars F1F6 each last 4 days and are held in a block of 8 days (F1 + F2; F 3 + F 4; F5 + F6), as they are rela­ted in con­tent.

** The Advan­ced Semi­nars F7F9 will only be offe­red indi­vi­dual­ly and last 5 or 8 days. The­se cour­ses inter­vene in a posi­ti­ve way deeply into the inner expe­ri­ence and thus enab­le com­ple­te­ly new and pre­vious­ly uni­ma­gin­ab­le insights and fee­lings.

Note: Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in an inten­si­ve cour­se is a pre­re­qui­si­te for atten­ding all advan­ced cour­ses and/or spe­cial semi­nars.



Edel­gard Chris­ti­na Bau­mann

Persönliche berufliche und übergeordnete Zukunft (F1)